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Easy Access for Keys or Doggy Bags from your Pet's Leash


Where do you keep your keys or doggy bags while walking your dog? KEYWonder® allows effortless access to your keys, doggy bags or anything that you want to keep handy and easy to reach.


Connect by simply placing the two portions near each other and magnets force an automatic lock for a secure connection to anything it's attached to. KEYWonder® allows easy release by simply pressing two buttons and simply pulling away.


New! Med/large size dog leash with a D-ring sewn near the handle and includes KEYWonder® for one low price.  Available in various color combinations.


French Bull Dog
Key Chain
Holds 50 lbs!
Border Collie Dog
Dog Leash + Automatic Key Chain & Doggy Bag Dispenser
Rottweiler Dog
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