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Black Magnetic Quick Release Keychain with Keys



Safe & Secure Automatic Connection

Connects and automatically locks to hold over 25 pounds. The Key Wonder magnetic quick release keychain self-aligns, snaps and securely locks into place, keeping keys handy. Easily clips anywhere like to your belt loop, purse, tote or on a backpack. You can even use this fun product on a dog leash to hold keys or doggy bags.


Key Wonder is made from strong durable polycarbonate and polymide materials that will not rust or corrode. Available in various colors and makes a great gift!

Did You Know?

How Long Does Permanent Rare Earth Magnets Last?

Normally magnetism is lost in the order of one percentage point in every 10 years or so. That's just 10% in 10 years!


What Type of Products are made from Polycarbonate and Polyamide Materials?

Products that require strength and durability such as riot shields, motorcycle helments, face shields, hurricane window panels, medical equipment components, automotive parts and other applications where toughness and durability is required.



Holds Over 25 lbs!
How does it Work?
Red Magnetic Quick Release Keychain Open

Sounds Easy. It is!

This convenient magnetic quick release key chain automatically connects and holds strong with our secure automatic lock that holds over 25 pounds.


Simple and easy to use just clip to your belt loop, purse, backpack, diaper bag or anywhere you place your keys. Bring the two portions close together, the magnets attract and connect the two pieces together and the automatic lock securely locks your keys. Release your keys by simply pressing two buttons and pull away with keys in hand. No more fumbling to find your keys or placing a carabineer on and off over and over again. Or, use it to separate keys like your car keys on one side and house keys on the other.

Pink Key Wonder Magnetic Quick Release Keychain on Diaper Bag
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