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KEYWonder Magnetic Quick Release Keychain with Automatic Safety Lock, Holds over 25 pounds, Quick Connect, Secure Keys to Bag, Purse or Belt Loop for Easy Access


Automatically self-aligns and safely locks in place keeping keys handy and secure. Simply place one end to your keys and the other to your belt loop, backpack, purse, tote... wherever! Even with one hand, bring the two pieces close together for an instant and secure lock every time. With this key chain not only do you know where your keys are, but with a pinch of two buttons keys easily disconnect and are ready to use. Simple, quick, easy and fun! Includes a built-in swivel, carabineer and key ring. Made of durable polycarbonate that will not rust or corrode.

Key Wonder® (purple)

    • Keeps Keys Handy. Find your keys easily without digging deep into your pockets or purse saving you time and frustration.
    • Quick and Easy. Attach to your belt loop, purse or backpack and your keys to the key ring, then connect the two magnet portions to meet in the middle.
    • Easy On Automatic Safety Lock Holds Over 25 Pounds. Automatically locks and you will know your keys are securely attached by a solid click every time.
    • Easy Off Quick Release. Press two buttons to easily pull apart to access your keys or split a key set when needed and easily swivels to avoid twisting keys.
    • Use Every Day. Effortlessly connect and remove keys, tools or flashlights without searching or fumbling. Makes a great gift that all key owners will love!
  • KEYWonder® is warranted by the manufacturer for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship as originally supplied by the manufacturer.

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