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Safe & Secure 

Red Key Wonder Magnetic Quick Release Keychain
Black Open Magnetic Quick Release Key Chain
Black Magnetic Quick Release Keychain on Belt Loop

How Durable is Key Wonder?

Key Wonder is designed for strength and superior performance. Made from some of the highest quality materials including high strength polycarbonate combinations that will not rust or corrode.


How Does Key Wonder Lock?

Magnets are only a guiding force to attract the two Key Wonder portions together. Simultaneously the automatic safety lock is activated and provides an immediate secure self lock that holds over 25 pounds.


Where Can I Use  Key Wonder?

Simple, quick and fun key chain. All you need to do is easily clip Key Wonder to anywhere you place your keys, such as on a belt loop, purse, backpack, tote or even on your dog's leash to easily clip your keys or doggy bags.


How Do I Use Key Wonder?

Place keys onto the key ring and attach key chain anywhere you place your keys. To release keys press two buttons and pull down, the top portion remains in place. Automatically connect keys by bringing the two portions close together to automatically connect and securely lock.


Can  Key Wonder be attached to other key accessories?

Yes! This key chain was designed for ease of use and versatility Key Wonder can be attached to a variety of key accessories. Such as a large carabiner could hold different colors of Key Wonders and each color could be used for different key arrangements.

Red Magnetic Quick Release Keychain on Black Purse
Black Magnetic Quick Release Keychain
Key Wonder Magnetic Quick Release Keychain Features
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